We met after a tomato soup fight in the halls of residence Victoria was staying in at Stamford college. It was very messy, and there was a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards. I was studying sports science, Victoria was studying artistic makeup & special effects, I was mostly her guinea pig, from zombies, bird man, drag, the list was endless, but we had lots of fun!

Going along with her on music videos, feature films and backstage on creative theatrical projects inspired me to start taking photographs of what was happening behind the scenes & ignited my passion for documenting moments in time.

With lots of drive from Victoria, she helped me get interviews in photography studios where she once worked & an award-winning studio too & I learned to get classically trained.

We set up our own business about 10 years ago now, firstly working in portraits & competitive event photography. We have now been in the wonderful wedding industry for around 5 years & have always worked incredibly & relentlessly hard especially to please the most important people in our industry, our clients :) 

So you might say why to call your business Ed Brown Photography when you are business partners, equals, well Victoria has an unusual last name which we tried combining as a business name but to be honest, nobody could remember it. 

Victoria said "let's call it Ed Brown Photography, everyone will remember that & after all, you Ed are the photographer in the business now, I have different roles. Also, there is no point in having a business if no one can remember its name." It was one of the best business decisions Victoria made & having separate roles works. 

So no more photography for Victoria (except for her conceptual and personal projects). She's busy with all future ideas, bringing in new work, SEO content writing, marketing, research, blogging, etc., the hard background work and the unseen ambitious driving force of our business, and our approach and client experience is certainly a unique one in our industry. 

Both Victoria and I have worked with celebrities, actors and sporting stars, we love most of all to work with lovely people who are young at heart, and everyone gets the best experience we can give.

I, (Ed) love what I do, getting to meet so many different types of people as an alternative wedding photographer. I am so grateful for the wonderful comments our clients say about how I have blended so well on their wedding day, such lovely comments that every day keeps my feet firmly on the ground (and also all the long lists of jobs and ideas that Victoria has been busy working on)

Victoria is still fun and has a youthful energy that brings the sunshine into my life and the sort of person that brings the happy energy into a room. With our different attributes, we make a super duper, forward thinking, professional, honest, caring & client-focused business team we are so proud of.


Peace, Love and Positive vibes to everyone X


A camera didn’t make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel

-Peter Adams-