Hi there and welcome to Ed Brown Photography - I’ve got my business partner Victoria to thank for my love of photography. While she was working on a professional feature film as a makeup artist superviser, I took the opportunity to take some photographs, and I was hooked.




After that, I went to work as a photographer's assistant for the multi-award winning Stu Williamson, which gave me some incredible experience of working in a world class photographic studio. There’s nothing better than learning from the best! I have since gone on to qualify as a Master Photographer myself.

I went on to work in fashion and family photography and gradually worked my way up to running a studio. But I was still hungry for more; I wanted a bigger challenge! I decided that the next step was to start up my own business.

I set up Ed Brown Photography in 2008 with my amazing Victoria, and we still have the same aspirations that we started out with – to deliver photographs to our clients that they love.

I am an easy going, vibrant and friendly guy with a zest for life who loves what I do and it shows in the images I take.

Both myself and Victoria have worked with celebrities, actors and sporting professionals, we love most of all to work with lovely people, amazing and unique personalities and all those who are young at heart!

So that is a little overview of Ed Brown Photography, and myself and Victoria would like to thank you for stopping by, please do leave some comments on the blog posts as we always love to read what people think of our work.


Written by Ed


Victoria is the creative visualizer behind the Ed Brown Photography brand, marketing strategies, product development, purchasing decisions and company goals. Victoria is extremely forward thinking and makes sure our brand is a little different and off beat.

Victoria has a BA Honours degree in Visual Communications, loves creativity, art and design and has herself had many large abstract paintings and original fine art prints commissioned and sold to businesses throughout the UK and had her artwork exhibited in art galleries.

Victoria initially started in the photography industry well over 10 years ago after returning from travelling, and has vast experience in sales, marketing, promotions, has also qualified as a master photographer and specialised in photography of women. She has also trained in makeup artistry, special effects and wig making and has worked with celebrities, actors and her work have appeared in the glossies and tabloids too.

Victoria is the first point of call when you contact us via our website and will help you with any pricing questions and your customer journey along the way until your wedding day.

Victoria's role is now purely office based and concentrates on providing the best service, customer journey, innovating and increasing awareness of the company brand, designing and writing blog posts and many other things too :)

Even though Victoria has been in the photographic industry full time for well over 10 years with many other years professional experience which has enabled Ed Brown Photography to grow and develop, she is a very modest person. She is the secret weapon that makes Ed Brown Photography the success that it is (obviously I am also helpful too).

So if you have read this far thank you very much for visiting, and myself and Victoria look forward to hearing from you soon:)



We met after a tomato soup fight in the halls of residence Victoria was staying in at Stamford college. It was very messy & a lot of cleaning up to do afterwards. I was studying sports science, victoria artistic makeup & special effects, I was mostly her guinea pig, from zombies, bird man, drag, the list was endless, but we had lots of fun!

Going along with her on music/ film/ & backstage on theatrical projects inspired me to start taking photographs of what was happening behind the scenes & ignited my passion for documenting moments in time.

With lots of drive from Victoria, she helped me get interviews in photography studios where she once worked & an award winning studio too & I learnt to get classically trained.

We set up our own business about 8 years ago now, firstly working in portraits & competitive event photography. We have now been in the wonderful wedding industry for around 5 years & have always worked extremely & relentlessly hard especially to please the most important people in our industry, our clients :)

So you might say why to call your business Ed Brown Photography when you are business partners, equals, well victoria has an unusual last name which we tried combining together as a business name but tbh no could remember it.

Victoria said let's call it Ed Brown Photography, everyone will remember that & after all, you Ed are the photographer in the business now, I have different roles. Also, there is no point in having a business if no one can remember its name. It was one of the best business decisions Victoria made & having separate roles really works.

So no more snappy snappy for Victoria, she's busy with all upcoming ideas, bringing in new work, marketing, research, blogging etc, the background hard work and the unseen ambitious driving force of our business.

I, Ed love what I do, getting to meet so many different types of people and am really so grateful for the wonderful comments our clients say about how I have blended so well on their wedding day, such lovely comments.

Victoria is still fun & childish, always will be & with our different attributes, we make a super duper, forward thinking, professional, honest, caring & client focused business team!



A camera didn’t make a great picture anymore than a typewriter wrote a great novel

-Peter Adams-

ed and victoria