emily wisher artisan florist

Business Name: Emily Wisher Artisan Florist

Tell us all about your business: Our floristry is inspired by nature and informed by sustainability and style. We strive for a beautiful handmade aesthetic with relaxed blooms that reflect the season. Our flowers are seasonal and where at all possible home or locally grown, with an untamed twist.

What is your favourite quotation: I must have flowers, always, and always. Claude Monet

What inspires you: The changing English Seasons

Tip 1: Go with your gut instinct- the choice can be overwhelming and usually your first instinct is the the one you come back to.

Tip 2: Choose your suppliers and trust their opinion- they have seen lots of different weddings and will often guide you to what works best

Tip 3: Get organised early on- that way you can relax and totally enjoy the exciting run up to your Wedding!