mambo mobile bars

Business Name: Mambo Mobile Bars


Tel: 08450563953

Tell us all about your business: Mambo is a bespoke mobile cocktail bar with a distinct style of Vintage and Modern Bars and a European service style attitude, professional bartenders that come out of the bar and takes the drink to you with quirky flair, and yes of course we still toss scrummy cocktails about, set them on fire, shake the hell out of them.
Pleasure is everything, give in to happiness, reject propriety; embrace variety.
Prudence is sooooo 1658, life is fleeting; clasp it hard with both hands.
Seek delight, trust your impulses, ordinary is pointless, break free.
All Hail the Mambo cocktail Parties, if at least two of your guest don't say
how kickbutt our cocktails are, then we'll take you out for cocktails to say sorry!

What is your favourite quotation: Screw it let's do it.

What inspires you: Books

Tip 1: Turn up

Tip 2: Drink

Tip 3: Dance

Mobile Bar

Wherever your party is, we serve up high spirits with a shot of showmanship.

Corporate Bar

Make any corporate event more colourful with quality, professional service.

Wedding Bar

Add a dash of the extraordinary to your day with a quirky cocktail menu. 

Party Bar

Birthdays, stag and hen, anniversaries, themed and more, all served with a twist. 


Learn the art of mixology taught by bartender Thomas, the cocktail extraordinaire.