One to one happy chat :)


I classically trained in studio portraiture, moving to competitive event photography, then finding myself becoming progressively being asked to photograph amazing and awesome weddings.

I have worked with celebrities, actors and sporting professionals throughout my photography career and our weddings are featured on many top wedding industry blogs.

The business has never stopped evolving and constantly the business is changing to suit our customer requirements, business and personal needs and company goals.

Over the past 3-4 years in the wedding industry myself and Victoria have regularly employed lots of freelance photographers for well over 100 jobs that have required an extra shooter/assistant and we have hopefully helped them progress their own skill set, talent and business, ‘passing it forward’. 

As a business we have always felt that giving back to the industry without monitory gain had always been something that had been hugely important to our business ethics. 

Victoria and myself have helped many many companies establish their businesses through giving advice, help, encouragement and industry knowledge and gifting referral work without financial gain to help them along their way. From Leicestershire Wedding Photographers, Warwickshire Wedding Photographers, Royal Leamington Spa Wedding Photographers, Warwick Wedding Photographers, Northamptonshire Wedding Photographers, Staffordshire Wedding Photographers, Birmingham Wedding Photographers, Rutland Wedding Photographers, Yorkshire Wedding Photographers and North London Wedding Photographers.

Everyone needs some help and encouragement when they’re starting out and we have always remembered the people who have helped us when when we first started in the industry with the greatest of thanks and goodwill. Many are still our good friends.

Due to the vast increase in enquiries and business this year and going forward we are no longer able to offer these services and time as freely as we once did unfortunately however during some dates/times we are now able to offer informal chats at a small fee. 

For lunch, a drink and a chat with myself Ed for unto 3 hours I charge £295

Please email for available dates/times.

If you are interested in learning particular skills then please email details to see when we will be able to offer these courses next.

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