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Email: info@yummylittlecakes.co.uk

Tel: 07890688464

Website: www.yummylittlecakes.co.uk

Tell us all about your business: I create unique, awesome, one of a kind, much less than ordinary wedding cakes. Working closely with my clients, interpreting their ideas and personalities, to produce a flawless, luxury and yummy enough to die for cakes. Providing the ultimate experience when planning your cake - whilst having a giggle here and there.

What is your favourite quotation: you can do things I can't, I can do thing you can't, together we can do great things - mother theresa

What inspires you: Kind people.

Tip 1: Trust your gut when booking suppliers - its usually right.

Tip 2: Value doesn't dictate the price - quality does.

Tip 3: Don't sweat the small stuff - no one will know what was 'supposed' to be, just enjoy what it is.

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