Business Name: Daniel Yates Films

Tell us all about your business: Daniel Yates Films officially began in 2008 but creator Daniel (what are the chances) has loved filmmaking since his childhood. After spending his youth making home movies with family and friends (you may have heard of the cinematic accomplishment that is 'The Armed Guard'), Daniel went on to study Media Production at North Warwickshire and Hinckley College where he specialised in Video Production. Graduating at Distinction Level, Daniel chose not to pursue further education but instead cut his teeth in the wedding video business.

Now with more than 10 Years experience creating stunning wedding films for clients all over the UK including Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, Daniel still finds absolute pleasure in creating perfect keepsakes for deserving couples. His love of films influences his style and he uses his experience and keen eye to create emotive stories that can bring a tear to the manliest of men.

2015 saw the expansion of Daniel Yates Films as his wife joined the business to do 'what wives do best' (boss us around) and also the inclusion of promotional/corporate films to his reportoire.

So what does the future bring? "Getting to do what you love is a dream come true and with variety being the spice of life, I'll always try to find new ways to satisfy my creativity. What matters most is to continue telling stories, worth telling" 

What is your favourite quotation: "Once more into the fray. Into the last good fight I'll ever know. Live and die on this day. Live and die on this day..."

What inspires you: My family and the desire to be the best of myself for them. Others Creativity also inspires me.

Tip 1: Try not to let tradition dictate your wedding day, its a celebration and you should concentrate on enjoying it

Tip 2: Keep your group shots to a minimum, it'll only take away from the time you should be spending with your guests

Tip 3: Choose suppliers by recommendation where possible, you only get one day to get this right and a bargain is not something to gamble on



If you are still in search of a CREATIVE, DOCUMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, we would love to hear from you :)