wedding stylists and venue decor

on a day like this

Here at On A Day Like This, we are proud to offer a unique wedding venue styling service called, Styling Coordination. This is a complete styling service which takes care of all of the elements you need to dress your wedding venue.

Honey Bee's Vintage Teas

We have a large selection of props that create beautiful displays and talking points. Suitcase, travelling trunks, schools desks, ladders and a butchers bike (Albert), just to name a few. Our newest addition to the Honey Bee Hive is our beautiful ice cream bicycle Hetty who serves delicious MovenPick ice cream to your guests.

Marianne Taviner is the creative director of M Style, an award winning bespoke venue dressing service specialising in gorgeous draping and lighting creating beautiful spaces for wedding celebrations.

the brides maids 

The Brides Maids are a dedicated team of fabulous, experienced ladies who are ready to take on your wedding.